Beer glass scene creation
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TV material?

I am working on a piece for my portfolio, and wanted to get a broad opinion.

One of the pieces in the scene is a TV.

I'm kind of scratching my head on what kind of material to use for the glass part. It will be shown as a static (snow), so the colors won't matter. The TV is old school curved glass style.

I'm currently using a Blinn with slight reflection. However, after looking around, I am wondering if a Fresnel surface will look better? If I use that, will it be better to use a Mia_Material_X and turn on the Fresnel reflections?

If I do that method, will it be expensive when it renders?
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I was also wondering how to create a material for the tv screen. Although I have a LCD. Dont think it matters, but I too would like to know.

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use mia mat x.
fresnel reflection is the amount of reflection on a surface depending on the viewing angle.
think of a shop window. looking directly at it, you see through it. But, if you are looking at it from the side, you see reflections as if were a mirror.

making a glass shader for a tv screen could be simple or complicated depending on what your needs are.

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I do believe most objects hase some degree of fresnel effect, I looked around for a reference table to no avail. If you google "old tv set" you'll notice they're decently reflective, (0.2 reflectivity from a dead on angle could be in the ballpark), I remember making faces my grandparents' set.

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