Introduction to Maya - Modeling Fundamentals Vol 2
This course will look in the fundamentals of modeling in Maya with an emphasis on creating good topology. It's aimed at people that have some modeling experience in Maya but are having trouble with complex objects.
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How do you snap a vertex selection by a specific vertex?

I'm a Max user and am trying to figure out how in Maya I can snap move an entire selection of vertices (or edges or polys) by clicking and dragging a specific vertex of my choosing from this selection.
In 3ds Max I would make selection, then use Enable Axis Constraints so I can choose which axis (or 2) to constrain to, then basically pick a vertex to be the pivot point for all the other vertices to follow.

This is an incredibly handy technique for accurate hard surface modeling and everytime I try to move a selection in Maya I can only do it by the gizmo. Unless do I have to move the pivot first somehow?

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If you hold down V it does snap to vertex, hold down X does snap to grid line.

Hope that helps.

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What I'm asking for is to change where in my selection does it snap to vertex or snap to grid.

So If I select a bunch of vertices, it will snap to the centre point of the selection, but I want to change this point to be on a specific vertex in my selection.

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Thanks for the answer.

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