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Pixar and Disney

I had the chance to hear Pete Docter (directer of Monster's Inc)speak about a month back.
Someone at the lecture asked if Pixar had plans of leaving the relationship. Pete said that there was no plans to split. I do know that the deal that Pixar had with disney was for five movies. It is also too bad that Disney got rid of its Feature Film Division (3D department), because there was alot of talented people there. I guess the greed of Disney finally caught up. The times of animation has changed, people want to see films that apply to children and also adults at the same time. Pixar has found the mix, tell a story and leave of the singing characters. In the first Toy Store film Disney wanted the character to sing Pixar said no. The rest is history

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Excerpt from Michael Eisner transcript on Larry King (Feb 20, 2004):

CALLER: Hi. My question for Mr. Eisner was, MGM is one of my favorite places in Disneyworld and one of my favorite attractions there is the animation studios, and now the studio, the animation studio there is closed, and everything has moved to California, and I wanted to know how you justified doing that.

EISNER: Well, everything has not moved to California. We will still be demonstrating animation in Florida. We will still be doing certain cell animation in Florida. And it's going to be the same great attraction that it always has been.

We consolidated a lot of the creative work back in California in our building, so that we could participate in the rejuvenation and the rebuilding of three-dimensional animation which really has to take place in one location.

Link to complete transcript... very interesting stuff.

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Disney is no longer the company it used to be. With Walt, people came first, now its money comes firs/second/third user added image
Some may have noticed but some of the diney moves that are out on tape are edited from the origonal so you dont have a full origonal.

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I belive Disney closed it traditional animation feature devision, not 3D as there only going to be making computer generated features in the future. Although the animators from the closed studio have open there own, Legacy, so maube there'll be some good traditional animated films from them in the future.

The Invincebles and Cars going to released through Disney, after that the relationship's over. And Disney retains all copyright on the filmes Pixar release through them, there working on Toy Story 3 atm.

on, and Walt was a known racist b******

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After Disney completed Dinosaur, alot of the 3D department were let go. At that time Pixar was doing all the work that disney wanted in 3D. Disney found that the cost of running a 3D department was so much. And Dinosaur didn't do that well.

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