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# 1 26-04-2004 , 12:33 AM

Maya 5-to-Maya 6 Shader Library Q

How can I import a bunch of my old Maya 5 shaders to a Maya 6 program? Because of my using a school labratory for shaders, I am at a loss as to how I might import them in one swift installment. I've got a folder full of all my favorite shaders from 5.0 saved, but I can't figure out how Maya 6.0 stores them, because the Maya 6 I'm working on has a clean-slate (no shaders stored). Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I apologize for my newbie question >_<.

# 2 26-04-2004 , 09:34 PM
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I didn't think Maya 6 was even released yet.

Yeah, but no but yeah but no....
# 3 27-04-2004 , 01:03 AM
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i didnt think it was either, even if it was it wouldnt have been more than a few hours ago

those who were beta testing for alias were meant to be hush hush bout maya 6 as well

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# 4 27-04-2004 , 01:28 AM
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customers on maintenance are downloading already.

there is no ship date yet but should be very soon

# 5 27-04-2004 , 01:29 AM
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you should be able to import them with no problems. shaders are jusr regular maya ascii files

# 6 28-04-2004 , 02:48 AM
Thanks; and um, I don't know why then, but the computer I use at school has Maya 6 O.o Maybe my teacher's a beta tester or something? >_< *shrugs* Serves me right for trying to use the spiffy new Dell. ~_~

# 7 30-04-2004 , 08:12 PM
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Probably is Beta tester, as 6 dont ship til the 3rd

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