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# 1 20-06-2004 , 06:53 PM
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Ugly seam in head model

Im a total beginner at Maya, have used some other 3d-programs a little bit before. Never done any character modelling before though. I've created this head using polygons, but I get a seam that not looks good in the middle. What did I do wrong? How do I correct this?

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hi, before you mirror your model you need to set all of the centre points so that are all in line with eachother, this way when you do mirror it will merge all the points for you. the reason your model has done this is because the points arnt merged at the join. you can either do what i said or merge them manually. Also try going into the polygon mirror options and select merge points.


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Or you can select that vartex on edge of model and and conecct with same one in mirror object and than scale them in a bit, or you can dload CPS and miror it with it!!! CPS rull for this caind of situation!!

Best resolt would come, if every one in the group are doing what is best for himself and the group!!

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As you can see all the vertices are exactly at the center, so that can't be the problem... guess I'll have to try all over again... and this time check if the model look ok a little earlier

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# 5 20-06-2004 , 08:12 PM
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hi I noticed from your renders that you have not combined the two halves.
without combining you will always have a little bit of a seam. the first thing you have to do is select one half and shift select the other half ,then under the polygon tab click on combine to make the whole thing one mesh.After this you will have to merge the vertices in the center where the two halves join.
Finally you need to select the center vertices once again and go to edit polygons and at the bottom select normals and choose the soften/harden option, click on the preferences box and select All will be set and 180 and then apply.
this will smooth the join.
If though before you have joined your mesh together the center egdes come to a ridge you will still have this ridge although it will be softer , you will have to tweak the verts to level the join to your liking.
hope this helps..goodluck.

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# 6 20-06-2004 , 10:00 PM
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thanks, ok I will try that now =) But if you look at this attached picture, why do I get a seam when I just move that vertex?

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# 7 22-06-2004 , 03:19 PM
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Like everyone else has said, you do not have the center vertices of your cage merged.


# 8 22-06-2004 , 05:47 PM
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it looks like you accidently moved the vertices on the center.

Just grid snap them to the axis..

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