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Light emitting objects or particles

Hi Everyone,

I'm a fairly new Maya user. I've read most of the online documentation for Maya PLE and I haven't been able to figure out how to make objects cast light on other objects in the scene.

I would like to make a fire in a fireplace and have the light dancing off the walls in the room. Is there a way to do this in Maya?

Or maybe something simpler like shooting a glowing ball down a dark hallway and lighting the hallway as the ball moves through it? I made a simple animation something like this, but no light emits from the ball, which happens to be on fire.

This little animation shows a ball of fire that is glowing like crazy, but it doesn't light up any objects around it.



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just use a point light source that moves with the ball. place it inside the ball and make it so the ball casts no shadowss (render in the attributes editor). then animate properties of the light to give it a flicker

hope it helps

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