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Poly Extrude Face isn't working

I'm pulling my hair out trying to work on part 5 of the Apache tut.
I draw cube. I make the CV curve, snapping the CV to the middle vertex. I hit F11 and select the faces, I shift select the curve and hit extrude. Nothing happens. Well . . . the manipulator changes to the standard extrude manipulator, but . . . that;s it.

I did this tut a long time ago in Maya 6 and it worked just fine. I'm using Maya 8 now. I tried deleting my preferences and all that did was make my shelf go away. And . . . before someone suggests it, yes I did check follow curve in the extrude tool settings. Please someone help me. I'm very frustrated.

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i know you probably have the curve in CV mode for demonstrative purposes, but if you thought you were supposed to enter CV mode when extruding to a curve, you are wrong....
you select the curve in "Object mode". and then choose "Extrude"
i run into the same problem if i have the curve in CV mode

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