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# 1 07-11-2002 , 08:59 PM
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paintfx rendering

I have this problem with paintFx: when a camera is far from the paintFx, they won't render. When the camera is closer, it renders nicely. At first I thought this to be a camera near/far clipping plane thing, but this seems not to be the case. depth type on my camera is furthest visible depth.

... any ideas ?

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# 2 08-11-2002 , 02:22 AM
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hmm... not sure. perhaps something in your painteffects settings?

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What kind of lights are you using?



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# 4 01-12-2002 , 11:07 AM
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I use directional lights in this scene

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Since PaintEffects is done post, maybe you do need to increase your far clipping plane? The splines are not renderable so perhaps your camera is not seeing that far away and can't render the paint effects there? Possibility.


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