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Basic Human Form - ~Basic Problem ! Image plane !

Hi - I am a complete newbie, that would probably have been put off maya a week ago had it not been for this excellent site ! I downloaded the basic human form tutorial which looks fantastic, Im using maya 7, but my problem is that I cannot get the image plane to appear on the screen. I load the jpeg file onto the lambert option selected, it appears on the sphere, so I presume that the file has been successfully assigned to the image plane, I then try to drag the newly renamed lambert onto the image plane but nothing appears,

I press 5 as the guy suggested and then it turns greyish, then I press six and nothing happens, I've spent 5 hours trying to get this to work ! Im using a mac,maybe the commands and keys are different, and I think the tutorial given is in windows, Im just wondering what im doing wrong and how I can fix it !

Any Ideas ?

Cheers !


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when you drag from hypershade to your plane you are using the middle mouse button ?

also if you are then hit the 6 key and should show up

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Not sure exactly how you're doing it but try this.
Step 1: select plane and then right click. A menu will pop up, select Assign New Material, then Lambert. Now Lambert is applied to the plane.
Step 2: Click the option box (checkered) next to the color in the channel box. You should now see an empty field with a picture of a folder on a button next to it. Click on the button and find your file. Now the image is on the plane and again you should see it on the sphere as you did before.
Step 3: Put your cursor in the view screen and press the #6. You should be able to see it on the plane.

If the above steps don't work let us know and maybe someone else will have a better idea. P.S. I have Maya 8.5 on Windows so hopefully the above steps will work for you on Maya 7 and Mac.

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Try going to view>image plane>import image

This always works and is easier to use. The next stage is learning how to restrict the views so that you can only see the image when looking at it from a certain orthographic. You can do that in the attribute editor.


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