Introduction to Maya - Modeling Fundamentals Vol 1
This course will look at the fundamentals of modeling in Maya with an emphasis on creating good topology. We'll look at what makes a good model in Maya and why objects are modeled in the way they are.
# 1 22-09-2008 , 03:15 PM
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fruit still life wip

i have some down time and i am spending it working on a simple still life. All of the textures are hand painted except for the orange. still working on the shaders. anyway love to hear some feedbacks.

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# 2 22-09-2008 , 03:17 PM
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sorry wrong image

this is what i meant to post on the crit board

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# 3 22-09-2008 , 04:01 PM
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I love it, great texturing.

The reflection just underneath the orange looks a little weird, though not unnatural.

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# 4 22-09-2008 , 07:24 PM
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Lovely texturing !! Although the background could be better even tho i know wat your trying to achieve..

user added image

# 5 22-09-2008 , 07:53 PM
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looking pretty good so far from what i can see... it's too big for my 22" to view all at once! :p

are you using subsurface scattering on the grapes?

the red apple looks a little cone shaped at the top before the stalk comes out, like it's been deflated and the top is collapsing in on itself. But then, if such looks can occur on a real apple then it's all good

the white/pink stripe on the nectarine on the right (i think that's a nectarine right?) doesn't look like it blends in at the edges like unlike the stripe on the left

the stalk on the pear at the top right looks shiny and polished somewhat

and... the texture on the top rim of the basket looks stretched, esp in comparison with the bottom part of the basket which looks less stretched

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# 6 22-09-2008 , 08:43 PM
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i think the modelling is great, the stalks of the pears may be a little too long, but other than that - real nice.

it looks as tho there is no bump mapping on the textures which may be why the stalk looks shiny.

just curious... are the fruit projection maps? imo the bowl doesnt look as good as the fruit, so if they are not projections then i think you should work on the fruit bowl more.

looking good tho.

# 7 22-09-2008 , 10:16 PM
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need to tighten up the specular... fruit that's recently been polished with a shirt (or hell, just washed off before eating) usually has sharper specular highlights. at the moment you've got a good 'default shader settings but hey i've inserted decent textures' thing going. don't let me stop you.

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# 8 23-09-2008 , 01:09 AM
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thanks for the great feed back

Much thanks for all the helpful feedback:
I will certainly rework the fruit bowl texture. (Indeed I had stretched the texture to fit the uv, seer laziness)
I haven’t really started to finalize the shaders. In essence I haven’t worked on spec maps, bump maps especially for the pears, apples, leaves and stalks. Also to answer the question if there is sss on the grapes. The answer is yes
O yea thanks for the catch on the shape of the left apple. I will certainly look at this again.
Once again thanks. Will update as soon as i make more changes.

# 9 23-09-2008 , 11:35 AM
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very nice work, the textures are great but the lighting need a bit more work and also like the others said some reflection and specularity will do some good...keep it up.

# 10 23-09-2008 , 12:08 PM
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The modeling is good, only crit on that is the red apple is a bit diamond shaped, should really be either round or heart shaped.

The actual textures are good, though they need to be a higher resolution, right now the details look a bit blurred. The materials at this point seem like lambert, the grapes could use some translucency and as others have said, some specular maps would do wonders, that orange needs to look juicy! :p

The lighting, good start but its flat and there are no contact shadows.

Keep truckin'.

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# 11 02-11-2008 , 01:55 PM
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after two months, i've finally gotten some time to work on this.

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