Complex UV Layout in Maya
Over the last couple of years UV layout in Maya has changed for the better. In this course we're going to be taking a look at some of those changes as we UV map an entire character
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Life ?!

What is your definition of life ? Money, parties, walks, girls, drugs ... Loved once... ?
Today i've lost my dog. I was 11 when i've got it now i'm 22...
He died from massive cancer tumors all over his organs. It was shocking for me watching the pictures
that the vets made...

He was Huge part of me. Now i'm thinking :
What is the purpose of the life ?
Money ? They could not saved him...

But wait ...
Memories and love are things that we just need in this material life... I can live without my iPhone, Mac etc...
But you realize that when you lost something that you've loved so much...

Just want to share this with you guys...

Just spend all the moments with your Loved once... Be happy!!! And remember those moments... One day they will be everything you will have.

What is you definition of life ? What are your priorities ?


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Sorry to here of your loss coldwave, take each day as they come you realy do not know whats around the corner..............dave

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Hey CW...sorry for your loss...I have lost 3 dogs in my time to various incidents etc...and I can say I miss them all very much. One in particular..was a Roman nose bull terrier I saved from a less than savoury owner...cost me $100 and was the best thing I did when I was your age..LOL a LONG time ago. I called him Bones...and he was my BEST mate for years...when I was upset..angry..cryiing..he would just come and sit next to me...put his face on my lap and just look at me with a "I understand your pain mate"...and dont think Im wierd...but I swear he understood what I was saying to him. He was my best friend..went everywhere with me...ate food, drank booze...had fun.

So in is about your experiences...good or endure them and reflect on them. I think priorities change with the tide..but one never mate. I have a missus and 5 kids to worry about..they are my priority...educate them, feed them, hopefully be a good Dad to them (even though Im not home cos I work in the bush)...and be there for them.

Yes mate you are 100% correct...all the tech CAN live without. Take your dog...your mate! like me...I had a connection that NO computer or anything for that matter could beat man...nothing. Even 20 years after Bones died...I still think of him...and that can NEVER be taken away from you mate. Sorry for the rant but Im a dog lover and they have proven thus far to be the best mates I have ever kidding.

Its humans are the only animals on Earth who readily accept other species as 'pets' though I prefer to call them mates and companions myself....Like my dog Bundy (Staffy full bred0....she is my mate...not my pet.

To end my rant....I believe YOU are the priority coldwave, for without you...there is nothing. You come YOU provide the necessary function for memories etc and the gift of having animals who are you companions and for life...well we never will really know...its a gift I suppose...something that should be enjoyed not endured..though many of us do not get to enjoy it per se'.

Chin up mate...remember the good times...the LOL one way conversations you had (though you know the friend was listening!)....and really be thankful that you met and had this special time together man...its that simple

Bro hugs and beers mate



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Sorry to hear this Coldwave.

I lost my cat in April... after 17 years.

That was awful.

She sat with me everywhere in my house, behind me on my chair when im at the computer, next to me on my bed when i slept. Came running across the road when I pulled up in my car. I definitely considered her my 'mate'.

Does get easier.

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10x for the support.

bullet1968 so inspiring !!! thank you!

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No worries CW...and yes Ben you are right...they arent pets...they are mates...full stop. Isnt it funny though....we readily accept animals...or MAYBE its the other way around..they accept companions and friends. I think its the quality of the person too CW...if you show, as a human (we are strange) that you are gentle, kind and forgiving, then an animal will pick up on this...and show you the same respect and kindness.

I hope this puts a smile where there is a frown...and sadness mate..this is my mate Bundy, top her Halloween costume LOL. These are the memories I speak of...because no matter what we THINK, you know the apex animal on the planet...we would be far less a species without our animal friends. BTW this photo circulated FB and EVERYONE laughed and thought it was great...and she got to get some lollies (candy) in her own little loot bag LOL.

Like I said mate...chin will get easier as Ben said...they ARE family and it will take time bro.....

Bullet xxx

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"A Darkness at Sethanon", a book I aspire to model some of the charcters and scenes
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I am sorry for your loss.
I gather from your story that your dog was 11? ( which is about 70 in human years if I am not mistaken)
It seems to me that you cared a lot about your dog, so during these 11 years he probably had a good life, so just remember that.

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