Complex UV Layout in Maya
Over the last couple of years UV layout in Maya has changed for the better. In this course we're going to be taking a look at some of those changes as we UV map an entire character
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Circle of life ... time to close this one.

Hello buddies,

I´ve had a very good time with you guys. Much has happened in this year, many a friend have I got to know in this site, and many will still be.

I´m writing this few words, since I´ve come to realize I no longer pursue an active 3d career. Quite sincerely, I haven´t used Maya in many a months. I believe I have a far better chance in the graphic design industry, and as such I´m going to try to focus all my efforts into regaining and honing my creative eye.

Many thanks to many people, of whom I particularly remember; (In no particular order by the way)
  • BulletProof (Did you know the actual logo of Simplylightwave was created by him in a challenge run by me?)
    Darkon (He´s a rocker dude)
    Roman (Terribly good friend of whom I´ve lost contact over time)
    K (Very good friend. His Andrea Gails animation tests are just a small thing to come from this great dude.)
    Mike (Dude´s bright. That´s for sure)
    RageCGI (Don´t change buddy. Incredibly great guy. Frigging knows a lot about everything graphics related.)
    Kurt (Got that artistic flair, I know he´s gonna get far)
    HogwardsPotter (Best 2d to 3d ratio guy I´ve seen. :p)
    Danny (Man, now this guy knows Maya for sure. He loves partying too. If you want to laugh, be sure to catch one of his special webcam screenings.)
    DaveBaer (Incredibly great guy, didn´t have a chance to chat him up, but he sure does know what he´s doing when critiquing. Not for the faint of hearth though. By the way, his thesis proyect featured lot´s of us in the credits. Loved watching those credits roll. Thanks for that mate.)
    Darkware (One of the best critiquers around this place.)
    Nitroliq (Man, que te puedo decir? Still going to go for the WShark thing. Hopefully, we will meet again in the future. On the meantime, thanks for the very good times. Sure won a friend around this place.)
    M (Now this guy sure did work a frigging lot on those challenges. Spammed these forums for a while, but all around a nice guy.)
    Mumbojumbo_13 (If there is one bright kid in this place, it´s this guy. One of the few I can see making a very good career if he follows his passion with the same spirit he undertakes every project. Still remember him when he didn´t know jack about Maya. Probably knows more of it than I do now.)
    EagleKing (Very crazy dude. Would get depressed in a matter of seconds. Then be back to normal as if nothing happened. Don´t tell him jack about his cousin though .. he still thinks it´s a blapshemy. :p)
    Vectorman (Finished a particular independent film, some aliens killing some monocycle dudes. Very freaky stuff. The director was far more freaky though. He pushed on though, and showed me some lessons about staying focused on something. Wanted to battle me, guess that´s one raincheck I´m going to have to take. Very cool guy.)
    Tariqrf (Lol, flamed this guy to kingdome come. Hopefully he won´t spam this place anymore. :p)
    Dragonfx (A newcomer, but a latin one. Hey, blood is blood. Cool guy, suerte con todo hermano.)
    Brian_ellebracht (Shit. He totally destroyed me in a flower battle. Still think it´s one of my best models to date. :p)
    GCastro (Guy´s one of the best dudes I´ve ever known. Period.)
    David (Damnit dude. I don´t know how you manage to code so much stuff, and still get drunk. EXCELLENT buddy. Trully excellent guy.)

And particularly to Kevin ... Many a times we had to chat over women, beer, trips, beer, trips, bitches, and some stories you wouldn´t even imagine. Lol. Guy´s one of the best dudes I´ve ever known in me life, and trully hope I get to meet up in some point of the future. Take care of the kiddo mate.

Many many a thanks to the people which make this a great thriving place to be. Please do enjoy the place. Don´t spoil it, be nice to new guys, and if you´re gonna fight, at least make sure you use the F word a lot. :p

I´m stepping down as moderator, since quite sincerely I feel we need some fresh talent around this place. Will still post ocasionally, as SimplyCrack is not easy to overcome. user added image

Have fun mates.
Live a great life in the process.

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? WTF?! emmm no! arghh Kevin stop him he's talkin' crazy! :o

Seriously though, good luck Adl it's a shame your leaving (first M now you.....) I hope you still hang around a bit, your posts have certainly made the board more "interesting" at times user added image


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# 3 13-10-2003 , 08:10 AM
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huh?? wtf is this about dude??

I have to keep your mod place open just so we can talk shit in the mod area.....

Mate I havnt touched maya for like 4 months but Im still about so your not going anywhere!!

Now get your dick out of your mouth and behave yourself user added image

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# 4 13-10-2003 , 08:13 AM
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oi adl, I love this quote :

"chat over women, beer, trips, beer"

LOL we did speak about beer a lot didnt we mate, but then again I did go through a period of a perminant hangover user added image

# 5 13-10-2003 , 09:26 AM
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Yeah, Adl. You can't go!

Everyone has their ups and downs. Hell, I was about to call it quits couple of months ago. But here I am, stronger than ever user added image

"If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger."

Take your time off and unplug. I'm sure you'll be back user added image

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# 6 13-10-2003 , 10:05 AM
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NOOOOOO! Shame to hear that you're leaving Maya behind. I haven't touched it for several months either. I haven't really had much time for it, around moving interstate and at the moment highschool is a little bit of a strain.

One thing you taught me is the value of placing advertisements for threads in your signature. It was that that pulled me into the first ever SM tournament that M ran (hmmm, as I recall you forfeited to George).

But anyway, good luck with your move back to graphic design. You do have a pretty sharp creative eye and I hope all goes well in the future for you.

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# 7 13-10-2003 , 12:13 PM
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ooh adls man cheers for the good words and good luck with that degree and the rest of your life user added image
ps check in occaisionally i still need some insults and photos to play with user added image

Thanks for wasting your time reading this line.
# 8 13-10-2003 , 12:57 PM
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it is indeed a sad day in the life of SM!

I know Mr adl has said a thing or 2 that may have caused unrest but..... He has a big heart and has been part of this place for so long.

I personally got on with him like a best mate, we shared the same sense of humor and the things I found funny - so did he and vice versa! I could read him like a book and he could this is a big wrench in my heart user added image

I had a good chat with Adl today, we bull shitted some and chatted about some issues, laughed and said our farewares regarding the sm site - I had a lump in my throat and felt very sad at losing such a cool guy.

We have both promised to keep in touch and we WILL meet up some time as we have both planned.... we will also chat as much as time permits on msn chat. But Sm will never be the same again as he was the guy whos posts I always read and looked for... Now I dont have time to use maya and manly use the board as a "chat area" he kept it alive and fun! Sure at times he was a miserable old sod and went over the top, but I to have done this on many occassions - its part of life! You get involved in chat and emotions arise, so some things are said out of turn but I can assure you all that this guy is a big teddy bear with the heart the size of a someone with Elephantitis.

I do hope he calls in to visit and I will keep him open as a moderator so he can access the mods area as he is always welcome.

So brother.... good luck in your graphics and I understand your reasons in your decision.

Take care


# 9 13-10-2003 , 01:07 PM
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Now im crying dammit!!!! Dude you cant go......

Well if you must plz keep in touch and follow your own heart and path mate..

Thanks for the friendship=)


I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination, knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world. (Albert Einstein)

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# 10 13-10-2003 , 03:31 PM
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hey man you can stop using maya theres nothing wrong with that, but dont forget us, keep posting on simplycrack, even if youre no longer a mod, just for fun... its good to have you arround... in fact i made myself a member ´cause of your therapeutic thread... it was so fun i tought to myself it would make dealing with maya to make it do what you want bearable user added image

# 11 13-10-2003 , 05:59 PM
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Stop by lots Adl and then we won't know you've gone!

Have success in the future and come and tell us about it anyway. Sad to see you go - you really bring a unique feel to the place.

# 12 13-10-2003 , 06:57 PM
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Dude! <starts cryin like Kurt>

You rock the house man!

I hope you stay in touch, as Michelle needs to see your hot bod once in a while! hehe...

.."back woman! back!..."

..Hay Adl, this is Michelle.
I gave Izzy the beat-down so feel free to come over anytime sexy!"

...ok, I'll untie him now....

DAMMIT WOMAN!! hehe...

Dude, you GOTTA stick around at least a few hours a week m8!!

Well, you know my home email buddy, so use it ANYTIMEuser added image

Ps, lemme know if you ever need a reference!

Thanks for being there for me too m8.

Luv ya bud. Peace.

Israel "Izzy" Long
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# 13 14-10-2003 , 03:21 PM
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Nooooo dont go! Just unplug and commie back!...Well if you dont, we all understand. Good luck on your graphic design industry..though you CAN use Maya with that industry at the same time user added image You never know, youre animating a simple box and then all the sudden you see a pose of it and hmMM, that looks like a cool design to do on paper user added image But good luck man. Hope you come back!

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# 14 14-10-2003 , 04:08 PM
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Dam i been so buys with the new SLW i missed this post user added image

Mate you'll be back user added image

If you get together with Kevin I'll probably tag along so make sure un bring Lots O beer, maybe somewhere in Europe when we've all got a few quid user added image

Take care mate.
Have fun.
David user added image

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# 15 14-10-2003 , 04:46 PM
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Thanks guys for the warm words.
I intent to check-in every once in a while though.

Lol Rage! user added image Say hi to Michelle for me.

Hehehe Dave, Kev told me you were really busy. Don´t worry dude, .. beer´s the keyword on that trip. user added image

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