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Python script runs twice from Menu or Hotkey

I have written a python save increment script for Maya to make the saves compatible with our pipeline. The script itself runs fine, and if run from the script editor, only runs once. When I attach a hotkey and a menu list, the script will run twice, the first time you use it. But only when Maya first starts. After that, it will just run once.

Below are the files I altered to make the scripts run:

userSetup.mel (all on one line):

menuItem -p "mainFileMenu" -l "EXC IncSave" -ia "" -c "python(\"import maya_incsave\"); python(\"maya_incsave.IncSave_Execute()\");";


//Maya Preference 8.50 (Release 1)

hotkey -keyShortcut "0" -releaseName ("HfAttrSelect_Menu_revert");
hotkey -keyShortcut "s" -ctl -name ("EXC_SaveIncNameCommand");


//Maya Preference 8.50 (Release 1)

TAB-annotation "EXC_SaveIncNameCommand"
TAB-command ("EXC_SaveInc")


//Maya Preference 8.50 (Release 1)

TAB-annotation "EXC Save Increment"
TAB-category "File"
TAB-command ("python(\"import maya_incsave\");\r\npython(\"maya_incsave.IncSave_ Execute()\");")

and finally, attached is the python script, It is called .mel, because I cannot upload a .py file! Please rename it to .py.

Can anyone tell me why this is running twice when Maya 2008 first starts, and then running once every time after?


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Thurman Merman
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