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Texture Problem ...

I've created a glass bottle as one piece of geometry "dielectric_material", a second piece of geometry with a "mia_material_x" and a "Rock" 3d texture applied as a bump map for the bottles gold foil neck, and a third piece of geometry for the gold foils applied graphic logo. The foils graphic is a .psd file with a "alpha" channel. My problem is the bump on the foil and logo is showing up fine, however, the area surrounding the the logo should be transparent and thus showing the foil (with bump) beneath it. As can be seen from the attached files, the area around the logo is not transparent and instead is showing the foil material without the bump. I'm using three pieces of geometry, instead of a layered shader, because of the problems with applying a Mental Ray material to a layered shader. The Surface Shader work-around was a little too complicated. Too many possible connections. Not as easy as just dragging the material to the Surface Shaders color. The foils logo geometry is just slightly offset from the bump mapped foil material so the foils material doesn't conflict with the logo. How can I get the foils graphic to render without the surrounding foil showing, or to a least show the same bump as the underlying necks foil material.

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