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Blendshapes, Driven Keys but it won't Set!

I'm trying to set some driven keys up for my Face Gui, and it's been going fine so far until I messed up the keys.

How I'm setting them up is so that, if I translate my control up (along the Y axis, on a positive value), it shows one Blendshape, and if I translate it down (Y axis, on a negative value), it shows a different one.

It worked fine with my Brow Blendshapes and Eye Blendshapes. But when it came to the mouth, I missed the key for when all the attributes were 0 and the two Blendshapes on the mouth control combined really badly.

I asked a friend how to fix it, and he told me to go to "Break Connections" which I did. When I did that, I tried to set the keys as per usual, but it didn't want to.

I thought it might have something to do with my connections, so I went to the connection editor to see if I could do anything about it but when I tried connection the nodes, it only disabled any translation for the control, so I promptly Ctrl-Z'd out of it.

Unfortunately, I couldn't Ctrl-Z back from before I messed up the key in the first place, so I now stuck with a control and two unkeyed Blendshapes.

Can anyone help ASAP?

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