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Image Plane

I created a Polygon Plane and added a side image of a car. Pressed the spacebar to open the 4 image view and went to the side image view and pressed 6 and it turned white with no image on it but the perspective image is there. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks

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The best way to do image planes or at least imo, is to go into the orthographic view ie side or front. From here go to View (in the ortho view) and go down to Image Plane > Import Image.

Again make sure that if its a side view your in the side view when you import your image, or it wont come in right.

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Yeah, I have done it that way numerous times but the tutorial that I am following sets up the image planes as follows:

In the perspective view create a Polygon Plane and rotate it 90degrees up
Open the Hypershade and create a lambert
Attach an image to the lambert and assign it to the plane that I created
Go to the side image plane and press keypad "6" for it to show.

The problem is that the image is present in the perspective view on the plane that I created but in the side view it is just a white plane with no image.

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Ive had this a couple of times in the past, try down rezzing the image for the side view, I found that was my problem.

Another prob could be the camera clipping, or the camera could just be too near the image so just zoom out a bit



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