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My Favorite Toy Challenge - Joopson

Really- how I missed that last challenge is beyond me- I didn't even realize it existed until today! And it was right up my ally. Oh well- I can join this one. And I have free time, too.

Now, as far as my favorite toy goes, it was a chess set. Do people think that to be too simple?
If not that, than it would be something similar to a flute- perhaps a slide-whistle, or something of the sort- a recorder.
Or, maybe a record player. Yes, I quite like that idea. If I can find some decent reference of the record player I had a few years back, that would be awesome.... If not, then the chess-set seems like quite a viable option. Of course, the textures and render would be what really makes is exceptional- and that is what I need practice with.
So, I'll keep in touch.

[EDIT] So, the record player I had was an old Victrola. Of course, it originally was my grandfathers, but I got it as my own when I was 13 or so. Like this but not quite in such immaculate condition.... Seems like a viable option. I'll decide soon.

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wow thats nice mate....I remember my Grandad having one similar too....ahhh memories...good luck mate


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Very cool choice, -a beautiful antique (with a great connection to you).
Good luck, all my best!

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The Victrola record player seems like a great idea for this challenge, can't wait to see it. Good luck!

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