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In this start to finish texturing project within Substance Painter we cover all the techniques you need to texture the robot character.
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Modeling/ Texturing for movies.

I have no idea how to construct this questions,but i hope you will understand, and give me advice.

I want to be 3D modeler or/and texture artist for features films. Does the 3D models need to be in triangles like in games? or they are in quads?What does 3D software is most used for modeling in movies ? Maya/Zbrush, Maya/Mudbox, Max/Zbrush?

What about texturing? How is best approach to texture models for movies? in Photoshop, or in 3D program like Mari? What about baking, and maps, which maps should i learn and use for the texturing process,and with map to use first ?normal map, displacement map, or others? How is made in movies to look so realistic? Are they using hand painted textures or they use real one?

I don't really understand, which maps is for, and when to use it?

At second thought, i would like to focus on modeling, hard surface, non-organics(not yet) for environment. Is this worth it, just to be modeler for movies, as environment modeler?

What should i focus on to be environment modeler? Is there a job, where i would like to model world, buildings, or other hard surface things for environment. And what is best thing to approach this?

As for later, i want to learn anatomy and proportion for character and creatures creation. I want to attend a online course with scott eaton tutorials for anatomy and sculpting for artist.
about drawing, i don't want to draw, i never drew in my life, okay, i tried to draw few months ago, when i was attending a graphic design course for 1 year, damn how i much hated drawing classes, it was so boring, and i didn't enjoy at all. I know that it helps, but does it necessary to get a job or whatever?

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So meny questions, if you search for each question in this forum you will most likley find the answers.........dave

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