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# 1 24-09-2012 , 12:32 AM
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can't unhide object, please help!

hello again guys... new question...

i recently deleted history, saved my project, closed and re-opened maya 2013. now, i want to unhide an object that i previously hid before saving and closing maya. the problem is, i'm now getting this little msg even though i press ctrl + shift + h to unhide the object. is there a way to fix this? thanks guys!

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# 2 24-09-2012 , 12:39 AM
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scratch this. i figured it out. sorry for the post. can somebody delete this one?

# 3 24-09-2012 , 04:48 AM
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Why don't you post your solution instead in case others may run into the same issue. user added image

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# 4 24-09-2012 , 07:04 PM
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the solution was easy. i simply clicked on the hidden object under the "Outliner" in the Window menu and on the Attribute Editor options under Display, just checked the Visibility check box to unhide it. i can still use ctrl + h and ctrl + shift + h to unhide after doing this. don't know why it wouldn't unhide before though. anyways, that's was what i did.

# 5 24-09-2012 , 08:39 PM
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Your problem is that Ctrl+shift+h is the hotkey for Show LAST hidden, when there may have been other operations that removed maya's memory of what was last hidden. Shift+h is the hotkey for show selected.

Just thought I'd point it out, since you'll likely run into it again.

Edit: Ah, yes, just re-read your original post. Closing maya and re-opening it will indeed remove maya's memory of what was last hidden.

# 6 02-02-2017 , 01:16 PM
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Similar Problem

I know this thread is years old but i ran into a similar problem. I hid objects in my outliner and was unable to unhide them

to sort this I right clicked in outliner and ticked ignore 'hidden in outliner' and they reappeared then select unhide from hide in outliner.

the only reason i'm putting this on this thread is because i was brought here looking for the answer to my issue so hopefully it will help others user added image

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