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Snap and merge vertex with edge

Is there a function within maya to connect a single vertex to an edge? I want to snap a vertex(circled red) to an edge(green line) so that it's then connected to that edge (to close a gap). Thanks for any advice
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Not that I know of what you can do is cut 1 vert into the edge then press enter that should give you a vert to snap to...........dave

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Dave is correct.

step 1. use the split poly tool to add verts to the lone edge (if you click and then drop the tool you'll leave a floating vert)

step 2. use the merge vert tool to merge the vert of the other surface to the verts you just created. (you'll find this tool under edit mesh. It allows you to drag one vert to another and merge them.)

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You could do all of that but may i suggest
1. deleting the four faces. that have the problem verts
2. select the boarder edge and fill hole.
3. then select the newly created face and poke face.

possibly more triangles but you don't end up with the horrible Ngon by not making the edgeloop go all the way around the model.

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