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Rigging error on a long-necked creature...

Hey All,

Sorry for posting this here, wasn't sure if this belonged in the newbies forum or here, so here goes!

I've been rigging a four-legged creature (a toony dragon) as my first character rig in Maya. I've used Blender before so I know a little bit of the basics... But I'm trying to use some advanced rigging as shown in a Digital Tutors rigging tutorial (for a female human skeleton). I've done up to the part where he uses the IK Spline Handle Tool do to the character's spine, I did the dragon's tail this way, with constraint objects with no problem.

I went to do the neck however, and the IK (and constraints and all) are freaking out. Every time I try to move it, it jitters around the path and when I undo it, it comes up with the error "warning: cycle on neck_base.matrix may not evaluate as expected. (use 'cycleCheck -e off' to disable this warning.)"

I've searched here and elsewhere for similar problems but so far nothing's worked (i've deleted history and tried to find/delete a preference file, but as I am working in 2013, nothing seemed to work).

What could I be doing wrong here? I can post screenshots if that helps... Thank you all!!!

(and this morning i somehow accidentally unbound the rig from the skeleton with all the weights painted on and such.... I took it as a sign I should rerig it, but needless to say I've been having a pretty frustrating day with Maya!)

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I've attached some screenshots of what I mean here - the tail, back, and neck area all have IK Spline Handles on them, but in the example, I move the back cluster and the neck jitters around wildly, but everything else - tail, legs, etc. seem to act normal.

Even when I undo moving anything (including the back or other chains), the neck will stay in an awkward position instead of going back to its starting position. I have to use "Assume Preferred Angle" for it to go back to normal.

Is there anything I can do to remedy this without having to redo my neck and constraints?

Also, the error is shown in the error window thingy on the 2 - 4 images.

Thank you!!

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