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HumanIK - Control Rigg problems - Help

Getting some weird results here and spent hours and hours going around this..... giving up.

I created the skeleton with HumanIK and binded the skeleton with the mesh. So far so good.
However, after saving the edits, going around the Orient joints and locking the skeleton......So far so good.

The problem starts after I do all the steps above, when I press create ControlRig. It shows me a dot only instead of the full control rig...
Please see attached images.

What am I doing wrong? Any help please.

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Okay, I sorted out the problem but I still don't know why.

I selected the whole mesh and combined all the items. Then I exported the whole mesh as an obj.

Started a new blank scene, imported the obj and re-started the humanik again.

Create skeleton, adjust bones position, mirror left -> right, save edits, lock rig.

Create Control Rig, done.

However, while testing the workflow, I find out the reason why the mesh was all twisted and is due to the orient joint. In other words, I shouldn't even needed to do any Orient joint as HIK standard skeleton already comes with optimized orient joints.

The only one last question still remains is....why the control rig came only as a dot before? That I am still clueless.

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