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Human IK Smooth Bind Error

Hi, so recently I've been making some game models and I began some experimenting with Maya's humanIK function to see how it worked and check if it could save me time in production. I've been fooling around with its Character control functions and slowly learning how it works, but now that I finally got my skeleton prepped and ready to bind, there's a problem.

Every time I try to bind the skeleton, I get an error in the bottom that says:
// Warning: Skin is being bound to the FK rig.
I don't understand what's going on here. Why is the skeleton not binding to my mesh? Why does it keep saying it's an FK rig when it's supposed to be an IK rig?

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Bump... Map.

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It does have an ik and fk rig which you can show and hide. Maybe you selected the wrong one to bind with?

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