Maya for 3D Printing - Rapid Prototyping
In this course we're going to look at something a little different, creating technically accurate 3D printed parts.
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plasma cannon weapon - maya 2014

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Model and texture looks good though I think the presentation brings it down a bit.

In the first image, the lens flare is distracting, if not completely out of place.

As for the the second render, I think that scenes need to look complete for final presentation, either some kind of studio setup or a practical scene like your first image(Was the grass painted on? There are some very visible gaps on the lower right). Anyway the edges of the poly plane floor slicing odd lines into a high angle shot with a gray background is crippling all the work that went into the model. The shot at the start of the making of video looked a lot better. My two cents.

- Genny
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Thank you
The next time will be better
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