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Jet Exhaust with Particle Emitter


I am trying to create some type of jet exhaust / fire effect. Something like this, for example:

So I've been looking around online on other threads, tutorials and whatnot. The common suggestion seems to be to use Maya's Particle Emitter. Any thoughts on how I would achieve a look like that though?

Usually I'm just finding examples/tutorials more on like fumes or smoke or fire, but not really a concentrated burst like you'd see in video games or movies on spaceships and robots (which is what I'm trying to get)

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Ah, yeah I actually watched that already ha xD

I learned a lot from that, so thank you for the tutorial. So yeah, I'm using your guide as like the basis for the exhaust, but I'm still struggling and trying to get it to look like the original example I linked. I tried changing the render type instead of clouds, multi-streak is getting me a closer result, but still not exactly what I'm trying to get.

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