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Problem In animation export maya to fbx

I face this 3 error when i export animation from maya to fbx for unity. it says delete Non-deformer history. when i delete it will automaticaly detach skin from joint.
Please help me if you know how to fix it.

1> The plug-in has detected mesh nodes with unsupported operators that affect the vertex and/or face count. To correct this, delete the Non-deformer history before exporting. The following nodes will not be processed:

2> The plug-in has changed some animation curves tangents type to User to ensure interoperability. This mode change will not affect the animation curves' values

3> The FBX plug-in cannot export the Geometry Cache for the following reason(s): No set is selected for geometry cache export, the selected set is empty, or the selection set is applied to the shape node of the object instead of its transform node:

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