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In this start to finish texturing project within Substance Painter we cover all the techniques you need to texture the robot character.
# 1 05-11-2015 , 11:05 AM
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Robot Volume 1 - Live Snap

Hello everyone,

Ran into another small problem while watching video 7.

I am attempting to 'Snap to Live Polygon' after converting the arm to a high poly object and turn on 'live snap'. When I attempt to move the vertexes as shown in the video they it does not snap to the 'live object' surface.

As you will see in the image attached - I tried all options of 'Snap to live polygon'.

Keen to hear if anyone has a simple solution to this problem. Thanks in advance.

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# 2 28-12-2015 , 06:34 AM
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Hi Everyone,

Although I have moved on with the tutorial, the 'Live Snap' features is still not working.

Keen to hear whether anyone can share some wisdom how I may over come this problem.

I've noticed that when I select a single vertex the snap feature works however when I select multiple vertex as in the video e.g. video 15, the object doesn't snap.

Keen to hear if anyone can help. BTW I'm working in Maya 2015.

# 3 29-12-2015 , 08:38 AM
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I have just done a little test and all worked fine for me both ways.

just to be clear, you are doing the following:

1. Select the object that you want to snap to
2. Making it live from the icon in the shelf
3. Selecting the object that you want to snap the verts,
4. select which verts you want to snap and move them slightly to allow them to snap to the live object?

Picture attached and highlighted for your reference

Cheers Myth

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