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# 1 15-02-2008 , 05:05 PM
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How to make step the default tangent?

Hi everyone,

When I'm animating I prefer at the beginning to just see my key poses as opposed to the spline interpolation between them. I can do this by highlighting everything in the graph editor and selecting step but I have to do this every time I create a new keyframe.

How do I make "step" the default tangent type as in the maya settings I can see every type of tangent but step. I'm using Maya 8.5 by the way.

Thanks in advance!
# 2 15-02-2008 , 07:27 PM
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Haven't tried it myself but I would presume it in the animation/keyframing preferences. Go to Window > Settings/Preferences > Preferences (or something along those lines, don't have Maya open in front of me).


# 3 15-02-2008 , 08:49 PM
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thanks. I tried that but step tangent isn't there. All the others are though user added image
# 4 06-03-2008 , 10:02 AM
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Go to your animation preferences and set your tangents to 'Clamped' for Default in tangent and 'Stepped' for Default out tangent. That should do it.

Well, it's what I use anyway :-)

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# 5 12-04-2019 , 01:06 AM
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wow...old thread, but thanks! good info! user added image

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