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# 1 19-08-2003 , 06:20 PM
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noob need help: how to make a flaming eye

Hello everyone!

I have a question here. when talking about dynamics & special effects, I'm a total noob. I have seen free tut about ring of fire, but I'm still too dumb to make "flaming eye". You know, the kind in LOTR? Well, actually, my goal isn't to make that kick ass effect (well, I would like, but I'm too stupid for that at the moment user added image), I would just like to know how could I make a fire in a specific shape? I made a verry simple eye-like shape with polygons, and now I would like to somehow apply fire effect to that shape. Can anyone help me here? Tnx.


# 2 19-08-2003 , 06:28 PM
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mmh....some ways:

1. simply create a fire texture for the eye if it isnt for an animation
2. paint effect inside the eye and then set the opacity of some part of the eye a bit down
3. I dunno

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# 3 19-08-2003 , 06:32 PM
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well, I tryed that, but well.....I would rather see to make it with particles, if it's not toooo hard. I have to start studing dynamics anyway.

and thx for reply user added image

# 4 04-09-2003 , 05:59 AM
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You could also select the eye geometry, and/or just the iris faces (assuming it is polys) , and just use the Fire Effect that comes with Maya as a start maybe?

Try it and let us knowuser added image

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# 5 22-09-2003 , 05:27 AM
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well i'm a newbie also but you can try doing what ragecgi said and at the same time try animating a texture of fire that you apply to the eye. i dunno know if this will help but it doesn't hurt to try because learning to animate textures might come in handy.

# 6 23-09-2003 , 07:23 AM
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Tut on animating Texture !

and if u need to learn how to animate texture try its a free video abt it it will be very helpfull....for to begin with !

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# 7 24-09-2003 , 01:47 AM
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Yea, just create an animated fire movie with a black background and apply it to the pupil of the eye.

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