Digital humans the art of the digital double
Ever wanted to know how digital doubles are created in the movie industry? This course will give you an insight into how it's done.
# 1 11-07-2004 , 01:46 PM
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Maybe in bad taste...

Lonepig and SimplyMaya cannot condone cruelty in an form......even if it is very funny user added image.

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# 2 11-07-2004 , 10:43 PM
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discusting!!! Im not a cat-person but this is little too much... user added image

# 3 11-07-2004 , 10:46 PM
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# 4 11-07-2004 , 10:57 PM
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definitely bad taste...user added image
but try to put a cat there and tell me who of the two ended worse...
:pfffff: :bite: :clawing: :escapes: :dear can you call a doctor?:

# 5 11-07-2004 , 11:00 PM
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I think the spike shuold go in the other enduser added imageirate:

# 6 12-07-2004 , 03:37 AM
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Originally posted by R-Tillery
I think the spike shuold go in the other enduser added imageirate:

nah, it's in the right end. just needs to be a bit longer! :p

# 7 12-07-2004 , 12:08 PM
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I hate all forms of PC. Post the pictures and leave it up to the viewer to make his/her own judgement. The world needs more laughter. I would never treat a cat in a bad way, but I think the image was funny. I've had more than one cat put its claws in me for no reason other than cats are stupid sometimes.

Long live freedom to post your work, no matter how distaseful to the PC crowd.


# 8 13-07-2004 , 03:28 PM
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lol vladmirjp. It is funny, but it is also very cruel. That cat wouldn't just use your leg for a scatching post, it would use you body after it got out of that thing. How would you feel if you had that thing shuved up there?

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
# 9 13-07-2004 , 08:27 PM
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Is it also availlable for babies?
(now I can hear people screaming at me...)

# 10 14-07-2004 , 08:20 PM
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