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Helppppppp-Hardare Question...

Can some1 please write about Maya 5 hardware requirements.
Video Card,Ram, and etc.
Something around a mid budget.
Another question: How can I make the render time shorter. Both in the software level and hardware level....

Many Thanx.

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Here ya go...

Maya requires one of the following operating systems:
Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional,
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional (Service Pack 2 or higher)

SGI® IRIX® 6.2.15

RedHat™ Linux® 7.3 or 8.0

Apple® Mac® OS X 10.2.4 or higher (Maya Complete ONLY)

Maya requires one of the following browsers:
Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 4.0 or higher

Netscape® 7.0 or higher

At a minimum, Maya requires a system with:
Intel® Pentium® II or higher,
AMD Athlon™ processor

512 MB RAM

CD-ROM Drive

Hardware-Accelerated OpenGL® graphics card

3-button mouse with mouse driver software

450 MB of hard disk space

Hope this helps....

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