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# 1 14-07-2003 , 05:58 PM
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image plane and poly planes r stretched.

Hi guys,

Been a while since I touch Maya again. But I have to relearn it to make a portfolio. And I couldn't figure out why the image planes would stretch if I project both of them.

I was following Michael's tutorial to add alpha channel to the image so when I use it as a reference to model after it, so it would be more easier. Anyway, I don't remember how I did it last time. But when I use front and side poly planes, put lambert on it, and image, one of them would stretch. So I tried using just 1 poly plane and put the pic on it and then project the image plane to the other side. Well the result image is bigger than the other...and stretch as well.

What am I doing wrong? The pics are at 72 dpi and targa files.
Any suggestions would be great.

# 2 16-07-2003 , 09:24 AM
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remember, that file render nodes are by default pressed into the uv space form 0,0 to 1,1. if your image is not square, then you have to adjust the image ratio either in the placement of the image plane or projection. easier way might be to make the images all the same size and square. if you do the aligning good in photoshop (or any other 2d app) then you dont have to worry about it in maya. what does it matter if there is a border (if your ref was orginally rectangle) which is transparent and thus invisible ...

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