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bad shading in part of mesh

hey i am new here and new to 3d modeling ^_^

i try to model a tower in maya and open a door in it but i get bad shading in the door frame i dont know why this happen can someone help me to learn i will search about it if i know what is the problem

Edit: i am study 3d by my own i never got to any school so i hope someone point me where i learn about this more and what is it when i add any line to any curved object i got obvious line on the geometry thank you

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The extra lines around the door will pinch the geometry together, giving the result you see. depending on what you want, there's serval things you can do -

1; Select the door frame polygons and extrude them out - this will give you more of a 'frame' that sticks out from the tower

2; Select the doors and extrude them in - this will give you a similar look

3; goto mesh display>soften/harden edges>ā˜option box - different values in this option will either smooth out this pinched geometry or make them more pronounced

hope this helps

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