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orthographic camera attribute question

Is there any way to lock an attribute that controls zooming in and out? I have my camera set as orthographic and at a 45 degree angle pointing down for an isometric game I'm doing. It's important that this camera not move up or down or be able to zoom closer or further away. I've locked the y axis movement, but can't seem to lock the zooming capabilities. If I happen to step away from my computer, come back, forget I'm in my special rendering camera, and start panning around and zooming in and out, that would really screw up my renderings because it affects the size of the buildings in the renderings. I'm going to be taking several renders across the course of this project and I need to ensure that the models are in proportion to each other, so that's why this is vitally important.

I've looked through the channel editor and the attributes for the camera, but can't see anything changing when I zoom in and out. Worried that I might not be able to accomplish this.

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You can bookmark the camera position by going to View > Bookmarks > Edit Bookmarks then hit New bookmark or alternatively with the camera selected in the outliner set a key for all the translates and rotates on frame 1 so you can always return to the render position.

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Just lock all the attributes including the focal length.

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Creative way to solve the problem. Thanks guys.

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I've run into the same problem of locking an orthographic camera's "zoom". Couldn't figure out which attribute it was related to. It's not translate, it's not focal length, it's not aperture or aspect ratio or anything in the transform node.

Finally I found it.
It's Orthographic Width, under the Orthographic Views tab in the shape node.

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