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NCloth Clothes positionning

Hi everyone,

I've commissioned a model of a character with clothes. So far, everything has been going well, remapped all textures properly, mapping, Ncloth and passive collider and a few parameters but now I realize I may have belittle the work. It's been made to be used with NCloth (I tried to follow some basic tutorials) instead of rigging the dress directly, but here I face issues. If I'm starting to make the model move (like lifting the feet, even immobile, just moved to test), I do not see how am I supposed to moved the dress around for it to go above it to "fall" on it, out of selecting the faces and moving them, which does give deformed results.

I've put in attachment the before and after NCloth.

Thank you for any help, in hope I posted it in the correct place and with enough information.

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