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Maya Extrude face along curve problems

Hello! Back with another problem.

I'm working on some modular terrain pieces based on hexagons, particularly roads. I'd have thought that using the path extrude tool would let me build symmetric 30 degree road turns but there's a couple of points that make the results undesirable.

user added image
A. The end face isn't aligned in the proper direction, especially at low division counts.
B. The placement of divisions isn't equal throughout the extrusion and there is some nasty skewing happening

Increasing the division count to the maximum (25) fixes problem A, and I think I can just reduce it from there, but the skewing and unequal divisions are still quite noticeable.
user added image

Here are were the control vertices for the curve I use are placed
user added image

Granted, I haven't noticed this happening on previous versions of Maya since I think I only used the method a couple of times with nowhere near the precision required. Maybe there's an option somewhere I missed that fixes this behavior?

Thanks in advance!

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