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Object appearance.


I'm trying to make a movie in which an object will apear in the middle.
for example: a ball that will appear first at frame number 10.
I made a small movie that had two spheres at frame number one, (set the key of both) and add at frame number 10 a third ball.
when I played the movie the third ball appeard from the begging.
Is there a way to create the third ball at frame number 10.

I rather keep create the object at frame number 10, ant NOT create it in frame number one and keep it invisible.

Please help.


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I think you have two ways of doing that.
1. making it invisible until frame 10.
2. place the object outside the camera, then in frame 9 set a key, then move the objevt back to where you want it to start and at fram 10 set another key. This will cause the object to move super fast from one location to the other, without any transition.

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