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Help with the Oliphant tutorial

I am working my way throught the Oliphant tutorial but have got a bit bit stuck. Kurt manages to convirt polys to sud d's and the other way round really easly and the geometry isn't effected that much. So he can convert to polys and use the split poly tool and then convirt to sub d's and do some tweeking.

I can't seam to do that. I'm on part 3, I have my sud d half and can convirt it to polys but I can't convirt it back to sub d's. And when it does convirt it mucks up my geometry and I have to go and delete edges ect. Has anyone else had this problem?

P.S. Just another quick question while im here. How do you get a short-cut for X-Ray?

Cheers for all your help guys

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In your covert sub-d to poly option box raise the number from 1000 to say 3000 in your max base mesh option that should let you go from poly to sub d easier. Also in your covert sub-d to poly options make sure vertices is selected that should help your geometry stay clean.


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