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Help with Tiling and Bump Mapping Brick Texture

Hi, first of all, thanks for reading this.

Now, I am trying to create a scene of two buildings basically. The setup is one that is directly in front of you, and the other is on the left side, similar to a city street. The buildings are composed of simple primitive polygon cubes, about 30x30x 10 divisions (width not important because it will not be rendered).
I have found the brick texture I wanted, it's about 2000 x 3000 free sample in tiff format. But, as I sat in front of Hypershade for extended amounts of time, I found the process of taking my texture, creating a bump map and repeating it in a tile fashion (as to essential make the bricks smaller and higher resolution across the building) exceedingly difficult.

I will step you through what I have done so far, If I leave anything out, please comment.

First, I clear the graph.
Create Phong material
then I middle mouse pull the create Tile on to the phong (from the left).
From that point I was confused as to what map to assign it, I assigned color.
From that, I went to attributed editor and clicked on the icon next to tile and filler colors (the white and black defaults), and chose File to specify a texture, and filled both of these with the same texture in the hope that it will simply overlap and remove the white lines in between.

I then set the UV repeats higher, to no avail as I saw later once I finally applied the texture.

After that I know I was either just experimenting poorly or simply sucking, anyhow.

Finally, I middle mouse pulled the texture to the building.
Note, that I did many different trials and setups of how to get the texturing I wanted, so I will tell you of my different results now.

I got the brick pattern at one point, yet it was stretched, and not tiled for higher quality as I had hoped.
I got the same result with bump mapping (somewhat poor).
The cube/building turned green without any texturing.
There was no application of texture.

Now that I have told you my problems, if anyone call tell me how to simply take a brick texture, tile it for higher quality (by repeating image), and bump map it for the realistic appeal of the mortar, I would be much appreciative.

Also, after I successfully (hopefully user added image ) establish the brick tiling I want, how would I go about changing the topography and texturing to add windows, doors, etc and seperately texture the windows so that the bricks would be unscathed and appear realistically built in.

Thanks for the help in advance,
I have attached a picture.
I only have one building at the moment, and you can see the fairly large, bricks, as I person I would like to come up to the 3-5th brick from untextured sidewalks (see picture for notes)
Also notice that my "asphalt" suffers from the same problem (the black and spotty middle plane in the picture)

Here is the photo of my results so far.

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