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help with fur and paint effects

Hi im still a basic maya user, i currently use maya to model with then export my meshes to 3ds max to animate and render.

Righty my main question is that do paint effects (ie painting in trees and and objects with the brush thingy) only work with the maya software renderer?

I set up my scene, painted in some trees, flowers, grass etc, changed the renderer to mentalray, added in Final gather etc and hit only renderer thy character with the ground but no trees and grass and stuff?

What am i doing wrong? have i missed something out?

if anywun can help me, id be most greatful!


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If you wish to render paint effects with Mental Ray, you need to convert trees, grass, whatever you have created into polygons first. You can do this by selecting your paint effects stroke and going

modify -> convet -> paint effects to polygons

You may need to limit the amount of polys it uses though, as converting paint effects can result in very heavy meshes.

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When in!
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aaaaaah righty!

thanks, ill do that. YAY!

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