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problem with texturing/material of polygon object

Hello everyone,

as some of you know, I built a X-Wing Starfighter.
It's finished now (or I don't know what I should add) and now I want to texture it.
To be honest, I have absolutely no idea how to do that.
I don't know what material I have to assign to (or If I need to assign a material at all), neither do I know how I can "paint" on the model.
I also like to do the texturing in a different programm (like PaintShop or Photoshop) because I can handle them better than the strange paint tool that comes with Maya.

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you will find that most people do there texturing in photoshop a good place to start would be to look at kurts spider texturing tutorial shows you how to make textures in photshop apply them to materails and add them to the spider but you could easily adapt this for yor x wing


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For several reasons, the VIP tutorials are not available for me so I can't use them to learn anything. user added image :p

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If you can't do the vid tutorials, try the Learning Maya website. There are links to many HTML tuts. Good luck, texturing is definitely a skill worth developing.

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