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Extrude Faces Keep Faces Toggle

Hello everyone and good morning. I am pretty new to posting here, please forgive my lack of participation. I just downloaded the Apache tutorial, and already I have learned much more then I anticipated. And I am only on the fourth video!

On to my question. When I extrude my faces or my edges, I want to have my default set to turn toggle faces on. But I cannot seem to find where this should be set. I have looked in the tool settings for both tools and either I am missing it totally or its not there. Of course I can turn it on and off through the attribute editor or the channel box. But I should be able to set it as a default.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and the next time I crash I will come visit again!

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You can find it under Polygon->Tool Options->Keep Faces Together

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dang dude thats twice you've made my day!

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