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# 1 11-04-2005 , 10:02 AM
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head model(angelina jolie)


im a maya beginner, with painting experience. So i looove texturing, can't wait to start texturing her face.

i modeled in nurbs, then chaged to poly, then to sub-d, and refined nostrils and lips. polycount is about 730.

her ears are totally retarded, so i think i'll try to cover it up w/ hair. so sick of trying to fix the ears...

i read bunch of tutorials on hair, it seems like people go:

1) poly faces w/ hair texture using alpha-channel like how Mike did straws on scare crow.

2) using curves and control curve and paint effects

3) using nurbs surfaces and paint effects

could anyone give me pro's and con's of these methods?

also, if anyone is kind enough to give me good reflection/specularity/ and other stuff settings for skin and eyeballs, i'd appreciate it.

i modeled using angelina jolie as image plane.

plz give me feed back on what to fix. i got help from mhcannondmc through the head.

user added image

btw, i haven't touched the neck.. i only put it because it looked too scary w/o the neck

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hi friend - the head looks very good.

can´t say anything about creating hair, but I may say something about topology. first of - I recognized er before U told who she is - that is most important thing I think. the straight part of the nose seems to be a little dented inward where the curvature naturally points outward. nosepeak is also a little flatt, but I don´t know if her nose looks like this. I particularry like the eyepart very much! good job on this. the notch in the lower lip is too conspicuous in my opinion. all in all the head is a bit too slimm, maybe U like to scale it a bit in the X-direction - especially the upper part of the head. and for the ears - allthough I know ear modeling can be annoying, I think U should give it a try.

very cool start mate! keep it going.

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