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# 1 03-05-2005 , 11:28 PM
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creating a MEL interface

although I don't consider myself a good programmer, I understand most syntax and similar issues. But I'm trying to create an interface for a script, so that when I hit the shelf button for it, it pops up a small window with a couple of slider bars and fields.

Specifically, I'm using the interface to create Lego plates. I already have all the pieces, and I know how to program well enough to get them rotated properly and placed correctly; they're even boolean-able (one of my primary concerns in building them). But the problem is, I don't know how to build the user interface I need to streamline the process (rather than text-summoning the script).

I know how to create a do some stuff to intSliderGroups (like limit them to greater than 1, etc.), but I can't figure out how to read the data that they posses after that, so I can use it to create plates. I need to be able to assign the data in the field to a variable, but nothing I have tried so far seems to work. For this type of control, or any other.

Any ideas? I'm fresh out. Let me Know.

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there are some mel tutorials around for creating some UI for your scripts.. The doc's are a little skectchy but what your asking for is in there also. I seen it but haven't gotten to try it my self yet..

# 3 31-05-2005 , 09:02 PM
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this script might help. I use it for driving some properties on cameras when I'm using an image plane.

Try setting up a camera with an image plane, and then running this script to see how it works. Make sure the camera is the active view when you run the script.

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You might also want to check out my dnPolyhedron script on my tools page ( to see how I use the sliders. I also have it setup to remember the previously used settings, so you don't have to start from the same values each time you open the window.

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many thanks! I think I can manage, now!

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