Complex UV Layout in Maya
Over the last couple of years UV layout in Maya has changed for the better. In this course we're going to be taking a look at some of those changes as we UV map an entire character
# 1 03-10-2005 , 01:05 AM
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Please i need some urgent help with a camera issue.

Hey. So im working on this Mitsubishi Eclipse model and all of a sudden i save and i get an error saying:

// Warning: Could not find an appropriate startup camera: top. A substitute will be used. //

I Try and fix things or rather tried to find the error but i cant fix it. I was using a reference plane on the camera but I had to create new ones out of poly planes.
I really want some help with this i have tried working for several days but i dont want to continue much and then have to redo everything. I tried copying and pasting all my geometry but it pastes the camera as well.

Please help me out its frustrating an di dont know if i deleted it, is there a way of creating another top camera just like the default one?

Thanks and i appreciate any help i get.

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So you're able to get into maya, but the "top" camera is missing? Have you tried resetting or deleting preferences to let maya rebuild?

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Well i opened different scenes and from what i saw it was only happening with that particular file. Ill reset the preferences a bit later today and ill let you guys know (I have a mac by the way).

Thanks ill try it out

# 4 04-10-2005 , 05:49 PM
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Hi, i open maya and i dont get a camera error, its there.

When i open the car scene i have trouble with it.

Can you help me export my car and the pieces i have separated it in as well as the reference planes (made out of polys) and the reference curves.

Everytime i try to copy and paste it in a new scene it pastes everything including the camera. So could you guys help me solve hti sits annoying and i dont know how on earth to get rid of the problem :shakehead

thanks for your help.

# 5 04-10-2005 , 06:34 PM
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to reset a camera to a default, go to [in the viewport menu] view>predefined bookmarks and coose one of the defaults.
to solve ur problem, go to preferences>UI elements menu
and uncheck "when opening: restore saved layout and save Panel layout with file"

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# 6 06-10-2005 , 05:36 PM
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Thanks i got a top camera form the bookmarks but then i changed the 2 settings u recommended on the UI elements in preferences and i still get an error saying a top camera could not be found.


Its so frustrating i have tried it aaaalll and nothign works what should i do?
Perhaps Mtmckinley knows what to do hes an expert with maya...

Thanks for your help though...

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