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In this course we're going to look at something a little different, creating technically accurate 3D printed parts.
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Issues With Dog Tutorial -> UI

I was doing the dog tutorial and I noticed some strange discrepencies with my, sort of UI. When the image plane is set and the nurbs sphere is pulled to form a basic set, there is a basic mesh of the modified sphere. However in the tutorial the mesh and vertices that are behind the foremost mesh and vertices are not displayed. In Max I believe this is called Ignore Backfacing. Where the program would not select any vertices that were not the foremost on the screen.

When making my mesh I can select all the vertices, which kind of screws with the overall mesh if I miss a vertex on the other side of the model. Screenshot should be attached.
How can I stop this?

and also, when I right click, normally its supposed to pop a menu with multiple selections, however mine doesn't. This comes into the part where we are to add Isoparms to the mesh, and I can't seem to do it from the menu bar menus, How can I get the right click menu?

Thanks ahead of time <3

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I can only tell you for the right click menu is to hold the right mouse button down and then highlight what you want and let go.

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If you go to window and under settings /preferences ,click on preferences and then in the preference window click on polygons, you can then turn backface culling on or off at the bottom option.

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Thanks for all the help and the quick responses. It is much appreciated. Hrmm, however the backface culling I suppose won't work with nurbs and there is no option for it, so I suppose that only works for plygons. And the rightclick still does nothing, it operates just like I was to left click, if I right click and move the mouse with the camera rotate tool it will act as normal, as with any other tool. =/

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theres only like 10 vertices its part n parcel of it i guess no one said it would b easy, or we'd all b pro's user added image

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