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# 1 27-02-2006 , 06:46 PM
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Texture problem

I have a seriuos problem.
Sometimes when I ad a texture it looks like on the picture.
So far I encountered 3 different styles of this problem.
And it is only when normal shading mode is on. If I do a render it looks good to so that is not a problem, but now I want to render this scene by the hardware renderer but it don looks any good.

The texturefiles is "bus" bmp (with planar mapping), "grass" jpg (planar mapping) and the wall has a 3D texture from maya

Running win XP and maya 7 on a p4 xeon3.6 with a 3dlabs realizm 800 gfx

Any ideas on what could be wrong??

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# 2 27-02-2006 , 08:09 PM
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i dont get what you are askinguser added image

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# 3 27-02-2006 , 08:46 PM
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Could be your graphics card? what happens when you render it via the hardware renderer? what does it look like?

High quality rendering uses the graphics card to do show the textures more realisticly than if you just use the std mode in the maya interface.

I'm a bit unsure what you mean?

# 4 27-02-2006 , 09:11 PM
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When I render with harware renderer the textures looks the same as when in normal shaded mode (distorted)

On most of the models in the scene the texture looks good but on some of them they look as on the pictures.

and on the grass texture it looses its colour and if I look close to it I can se red, blue & green lines (dont think you can see that in the picture I provided though).

It could be the graphics card, but if it is it would be kind o strange. the card is a 3d labs wildcat realizm 800 (and this is a ultra high end gfx card that costs around €2000) that was buildt for this purpose and even have its own "maya setting" in the driver.

I just want them too look as they should even in normal shaded mode

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