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# 1 29-10-2006 , 04:09 AM
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Polygon Count and Mental Ray

Hi Everyone,

I got a question here about polygon count and Mental ray.
I have a scene of roughly 500,000 polygons and have assigned a lambert material to everything with no lighting in the scene.

Then, set my Mental Ray to FGather Preview.
It renders fine a first time but when i do changes after that, like let's say i change the image resolution to a higher one (PAL 768 to FULL 1024).

Mental Ray just aborts!

So, I then have to save the scene, re-open it again to be able to render the FULL 1024... So, is that Normal that Mental Ray crashes this way?

So, i am thinking that if i texture everything, add lights to my scene then, Mental Ray wouldn't be able to even render a 320x240!

My pc is a P4 2.8Ghz, 1Gb Ram, Radeon 9800 Pro ATI...

Please let me know anything as soon as you can guys so that i can find other alternatives for my scene....

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this thread!


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MR aborts on me sometimes even with 2gb of ram.

its not MR thats the problem, its maya that has the memory leak. if you turn on progress message, it will probably say MR has insufficient mem ;
just do a batch render from frame 1 - 1.
mayabatch.exe will [almost] never crash.
if u use maya 7 and up, it automatically batch renders command line style, so u can turn off maya, it will still render.

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Hey vladimirjp,

Thanks for the reply and your time for reading my issues user added image
I will try Batch render it and see how it goes...

You're right about the progress message, it does say unsufficient mem!

So, i guess now i can carry on with my model and finish it then, i will try using the bacth render to render the final...

Thanks again vladimirjp!


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