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Animation Problem?

Hello all.

Autodesk Maya

This is my problem, I was making the skeleton starting with the legs. I made an animation for the legs to see how they handle. (I'm new at this) Anyway I built the rest of the skeleton and forgot I did a little leg animation. Now about to bind it to the skin. I was like hey lets do an animation real quick. I clicked on the first key and my leg shot out to where I had it a long time ago with its animation. I been trying to delete the animation for some time now. But even when all the keys are deleted the animation is still going.

Can anyone tell me how to delete the old animation? Without destroying the T shape position I have now. Without that leg going wayyyy over to the left to the old animation starting point?

Thankyou for you time.

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You have gone about this all backwards. Normaly people create there object first and then do the rig work.

For you its not going to be a great big problem. From what you are saying you need to go and do the worst part of rigging...

Painting Weights

I suggest you look at the Maya Help Files (F1) on Painting Weights or alternativly, if you have sonme spare points or cash. Download the Rigging Tutorial my Mike Mc as he goes over painting weights in quite good detail.

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It does sound like youve gone about it the "wrong way" in that I mean not the genereal accepted pipline for rigging and then animation.

Whai I would suggest to do it to detach the skin, then select the joints (or control object if you've used them) that youve moved and in the channel box select the keyed attributes, translate, rotate etc (or all of them if you set a key for the lot) right click and then go to break connections, the pboblem then might be if youve added any controls or constriants they might be broken too, this should get rid of the animation.

Like R@nsid said, if youve not painted weights yet you shouldnt have to go back too much. also save a copy before doing this incase it all goes wrong.

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