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Converting MP file, Maya PLE


Is there any way to transfer a file from Maya 8.5 PLE to Maya 8.5? I sometimes do my classwork at home, and I can't transfer it over, and then I would have to do all the work all over again at school. I find that a PIA!
I know that PLE files are .mp only. I also know that if you transfer Maya 8.5 to PLE - save as .ma and delete information off TextEdit.

I'm just wondering if there's a way the other way.


EDIT: NEVERMIND! Found out that it's "impossible". *groan*

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The simple answer is no.

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yeah, its not possible. i always wished it was though,. i always wanted to open my old models for the nostalgic feeling, lol.

and to see how bad the topology was... lol


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